Dead Man's Booty is the endless zone for the Pirate Seas world in Plants vs. Zombies 2. Due to the whopping amount of flying zombies, it is recommended to get Blover at the first chance. An effective strategy for it (provided you have obtained certain plants) is using Homing Thistle, Redstinger, Winter Melon, Twin Sunflower, any slowing plant (Stallia is recommended because of its ability to hit all zombies in a radius as well as its ability to make zombies move even slower when combined with Winter Melon), and any plants, although instant- or delayed instant-use plants (e.g. Blover or Ghost Pepper) are recommended. This strategy is flexible in that it can be made to only take up four columns (for rounds with one or two flags) or five (for rounds in excess of two flags). Here is the layout:

  1. W T HT HT R
  2. W T HT HT R
  3. W T HT HT R
  4. W T HT HT R
  5. W T HT HT R

W=Winter Melon T= Twin Sunflower HT=Homing Thistle R=Redstinger

*NOTE* The second column of Homing Thistles can be replaced with another plant.

*NOTE 2* The Redstinger column can planted one column back for shorter rounds.

What each plant does:

  • Winter Melon is the heavy weapons for later on in the round. Usually the first Winter Melon isn't planted until after the first wave.
  • Twin Sunflower is to produce sun faster. It should be used with the sun bonus so as to get one before the first zombie shows up.
  • Homing Thistle is the main offence. It should be your first offensive plant, and is useful against Gargantuars' imps and Gargantuars themselves in large numbers.
  • Redstinger is the defensive plant. It is mainly for picking off the weak zombies faster to help the Homing Thistles out early in the round when they can be easily overwhelmed. Note that one could instead use Pea-nut if one so desires.
  • Slowing plants are for the first zombie on screen and should be used as support during large waves. Note that if used, Iceberg Lettuce will not work as well later on in the round due to its ability to only hit one zombie.
  • Be advised that additional plants should be single use and should mainly be used for support, not as the only means of beating each round. DO NOT use them when faced with early Buckethead Zombies. The slowing plants and Homing Thistles should suffice.