This Strategy uses the power of Fume-shrooms combined with the slowing ability of Winter Melons to kill the Zombies with ease. This Strategy is easy enough, but uses up a lot of Seed Slots.



Winter Melon


Coffee Bean

Lily Pad



Magnet-shroom (optional)

Least Seed Slots: 7-8.


Plant two Garlics in the top row, and two in the bottom row. In every other row, plant a Winter Melon, three Fume-shrooms in front and a Tall-nut. This leaves 250 Sun. Replace Garlics when necessary and after each Flag, if you want to you can plant Magnet-shrooms behind the Garlics, but remember to always leave at least 100 Sun for Garlic replacement.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ g g

WFF FT _ _ _ _

WFF FT _ _ _ _

WFF FT _ _ _ _

WFF FT _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ g g

_=Open space. g=Garlic. W=Winter Melon. F=Fume-shroom. T=Tall-nut.

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