One of the best cobless strategies out there.

Pros Edit

  • Only problematic zombies are footballs, gigas, and jack-in-the-box zombies
  • Lots of possible sunflower and ice shroom spots
  • Can deal with zombonis and gargantuars with no problem at all
  • Can recover from sun depressions quickly without sunflower strategies
  • Inner lanes can deal with almost anything but Jacks

Cons Edit

  • Cannot deal with jack-in-the-box zombies
  • not at all safe against gigas
  • outer lane fume-shrooms need constant repair
  • only 2 inner row gloom-shrooms
  • no cattails for balloon zombies

Plants to bring Edit

  • Fume-shroom, Gloom-shroom, and Coffee Bean are a MUST
  • Squash
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Lily pad (if there are Jacks)
  • Iceshroom and its Imitator form
  • Blover (if there are balloons)
  • At least 2 buffer plants, although 3 is recommended (this can be fume-shroom and Blover, but will cost a lot of sun)
  • Pumpkin
Zombie(s) Priority Strategies
  • Giga Gargantuar
  • Football Zombie
Very High

Flowerpot+plant on it really helps delaying Footballs. If no Zombonis, Gargantuars, or Gigas, pumpkin fumeshrooms.

Constantly use instants and buffer plants on Gigas.

Inner lanes are almost completely safe against Gigas.

Squash is prioritized over cherry because it can be used more often.

  • Jack-in-the-box zombie

On rounds with no gigas or zombonis, garlic can be used to divert them into the outer lane. Added fume shrooms help too, but pumpkin them if there are footballs. Be sure to pumpkin plants behind them if there are pole vaulters.

Repair as soon as possible when gloomshrooms are destroyed, because Jaccidents result in almost every zombie becoming very dangerous in the inner lanes.

On rounds with no gigas or gargantuars, jacks are a lot more dangerous because gigas/gargantuars mean more damage to trigger the next wave, so Jacks will come at a faster rate.

Jacks can also blow up instants.

  • Zomboni
  • Gargantuar
Normal The setup is completely safe against zombonis and and almost completely safe against gargantuars. Ice-shroom every 25 seconds deals with gargantuars. Zombonis limit the planting areas, making them dangerous with other zombies, especially Gigas and footballs because they reduce instant and buffer placement spots. Buffering is a lot more difficult, because zombonis will run them over instantly, therefore buffer plants placed will be useless.

Normally, this setup is totally safe against gargantuars, but using instants on them make it more fast paced, therefore getting through rounds faster.

  • The rest
Low Can be completely ignored, although can become dangerous when Jaccidents occur. Pole vaulters can eat fumeshrooms or gloomshrooms if surviving buffer plants aren't removed. Dolphin riders, imps, and diggers can eat pumpkins and their plant inside if pumpkin maintenance is ignored.

Modifications Edit

  • Laddering can reduce sun spent and pumpkin maintenance.
  • Firepea or cobs to the upper half can make rounds go by a lot faster.
  • Adding cattails allows Blover to be omitted, but reduces sunflowers.
  • This setup can be "paired" to another setup (e.g. the cobless on the lower half and a cob setup on the upper) to make rounds go by faster or safer.
  • Some pool glooms can be removed for a doom-shroom cycle, although this takes up 2 extra spots, thus either the fumeshroom and gloomshroom are removed or both cherry bomb and squash. This makes Jacks less likely to blow up glooms and contributes about 1.8 DPS to a large portion of the lawn, but inner row DPS is reduced by 8.

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