Removed Zombies was deleted will be update or download old and new versions

Photographer zombie

in Lost City there was zombie with old camera

Harpoon Gun Zombie

first zombie as seen weibo

Kongfu Boss

unseen boss was found from with textures unreleased third boss

Hero Cleopatra Zombie

This zombie called this idea and now can only be seen in the game all stars now watch ktt channel download 1.4 version

Barrel Zombie

in the game Plants vs Zombies Adventures barrel zombie exist in Plants vs Zombies 2 when naked speed as Newspaper Zombie

Barrel Imp

in Dark Ages was will be added levels and zombies

Dark Ages zombie

in dark ages was originally Future zombie

Greaser Imp

was seen trailers on facebook Move speed on land basic Zombie

Yeti Zombie clothes

in Wild West his hat found game's code christmas clothe yeti was deleted 2.0 update

Blacksmith Zombie

this zombie could make helmets for other peasant zombies it had speed and move Treasure Yeti was later replaced Zombie King