Stage 1-1 is the first adventure stage. It is extemely easy, not even needing a strategy to win, but... fine.



Plants usedEdit

  • Peashooter(New.)
  • Sunflower -Replay-
  • Potato Mine -Replay-
  • Anything else should work...

Zombies foundEdit

  • Zombie(New.)
  • Flag Zombie(only on replay. If replay new.)

Number of Flags: 1


First PlayEdit


  • Collect Sun
  • Plant Peashooters.
  • Repeat until you win. The whole stage shouldn't take up to 2 minutes.


  • Do exactly like the above, though you can add Potato Mines and whatever Crazy Dave gives.


You get the Sunflower after this level, and of course Stage 1-2.

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