Stage 4-2 is the second stage of the Fog levels.



  • Sun-shroom
  • Puff-shroom
  • Sea-shroom
  • Fume-shroom
  • Plantern
  • Lily Pad
  • Repeater
  • Defense Unit (Wall-nut, Tall-nut; the Pumpkin on replays.) (optional)
  • Instant (optional)
  • Blover (replay)
  • Others (Replay)


  • Zombie
  • Conehead Zombie
  • Ducky Tube Variants
  • Football Zombie
  • Jack-in-the-box Zombie


Place Sun-shrooms and Puff-shrooms as needed, while implying Sea-shrooms as well. Use Planterns when needed, and place defense units in front of Planterns. Delay Footballs with Defense units and Repeaters. Replace Puff-shrooms with Fume-shrooms over time. 

On the replay...Edit

Use Blovers instead of Planterns and Pumpkins instead of nuts. Otherwise, do the thing that you did for the first play.


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