The Sunflower/Potato Mine Strategy is a handy strategy that allows the player to rack up Sun quickly. It can be applied to every stage but works best with Day, Pool and Roof stages.


For best results, in the Plant Selection menu select the Sunflower first. That will allow the player to quickly plant the Sunflower right away once the level starts.

Start planting Sunflowers. By the time the first Zombie comes, you should have 2 Sunflowers. Plant a Potato Mine right away in the rd column. This will allow the Zombie to walk to its death meanwhile you racking up the Sun. Continue planting Sunflowers and Potato Mines. Up to some point, you should have ~300 or so Sun, plant more decent attackers instead the Mine, as the Zombies come more and more, and the Potato Mine's delay isn't just enough.


Plants Vs07:10

Plants Vs. Zombies Guide 3-2

its a good

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