The Vasebreaker Series are the most exciting series in the game, as you never know what will come out when you hit the vase. The first of the series is very, very easy. I have never seen anyone fail yet.



An example.

As all the plants face right this game, simply open the Plants Vases(the green vases). Now, if it is a Squash, place it in the 3rd column. If its a shooter of some kind, place it in the 1st.

Next, If you have bought the rake, open up a Vase on the same row as the Rake. Keep on doing this until you find a Zombie. The rake will kill it. If you did not buy a rake, pray that the Zombie that comes out is not a Conehead. You might want to open a Vase in the same row as your shooter in that case.

Keep on opening Vases in the same row of your shooter and any plants you get, put it in other rows. 1 or 2 shooters per row should be enough.

If you have planted any instants in Column 3-4, it is safe to open Vases there. Just make sure that you open up 1 Zombie only.

If you have cleared much of the stage, you will find the Jack- in - the - box and Bucketheads. Take the latter out with Squashes. If you there isn't any available, break vases like crazy to find one. Jacks only open up other rows, which shooters can take care of.

DON'T panic if you happen to have zombies coming in every row. Find a way out and if you are definitely "screwed", restart.