These are the stats of the Zombies, that are a fundamental factor to making you lose the game. As of the table below, "Health" means "Pea Damage Worth", as 1 pea results in 1 damage, or -1 health for the Zombie. Attack Speed means how much damage is done to a plant - "normal" means "Zombie Normal".

Also, "Helmet" means protection that can not be avoided unless it is taken away. Metal means anything that can be stolen by Magnet-Shrooms. Shield means armor that can be avoided by lob-shots, Fume-Shrooms, Gloom-Shrooms and Spikeweed/rocks. There are also other miscellaneous things that will be shown.


The stats are as follows:

Name Health Speed (per square) Attack Special
Zombie 10 5 Normal -
Flag Zombie 10 3.75 Normal -
Conehead Zombie

28 (18 for roadcone, 10 for zombie)

5 Normal -
Pole Vaulting Zombie


2.5, then 5 (after jump) Normal Vaults over your plants (except Tall-nut)
Buckethead Zombie

65 (55 for bucket, 10 for zombie)

5 Normal
Newspaper Zombie

16 (8 for newspaper, 8 for zombie)

5, then 2 (after losing newspaper) Normal -
Screen Door Zombie

65 (55 for screen door, 10 for zombie)

5 Normal -
Football Zombie

80 (70 for football helmet, 10 for zombie)

2.5 Normal -
Dancing Zombie 17 1.25, then 5.5 (after summoning Backup) Normal Summons Backup Dancers from the ground
Backup Dancer 10 5.5 Normal
Ducky Tube Zombie† 10 if normal, 28 if conehead, 65 if buckethead 5 (3.75 if flag zombie) Normal Sometimes wears Cone or Bucket and sometimes holds a Flag
Snorkel Zombie† 10 3.75 Normal Stays underwater, invulnerable to shots except Catapults (vulnerable while eating plants)
Zomboni 58 3.75 Instant Leaves an ice trail
Zombie Bobsled Team

54 (14 for bobsled, 10 for each zombie)

1.25, then 5 (out of Bobsled) Normal Only appears on Ice
Dolphin Rider Zombie 17 1, then 5 (after jumping) Normal Jumps over your plants (except Tall-nut)
Jack-in-the-box Zombie 17 2.5 Normal (eating), Instant (explosion) Jack-in-the-box explodes after a random length of time
Balloon Zombie

11 (1 for balloon, 10 for zombie)

2.5 (flying), then 5 (on ground) Normal Floats over your plants (stopped by Cactus or Blover)
Digger Zombie 15 1.25, then 7 (after surfacing) Normal Digs under your plants and eats your plants from behind. Moves left if Pickaxe is stolen by Magnet
Pogo Zombie 17 2, 4 (no pogo stick) Normal (no pogo stick) Hops over your plants (except Tall-nut)
Zombie Yeti 46 5, 2.5 (escape) Normal Runs away after a while.
Bungee Zombie 23 4 Instant Steals plants from above
Ladder Zombie

42 (25 for ladder, 17 for zombie)

2.5, 5 (no ladder) Normal Uses a ladder as a shield and puts it on a defensive plant
Catapult Zombie 33 2.5 (when moving) 6 balls to kill standard health plant (Instant if moving) Lobs basketballs at plants
Gargantuar 150 5 Instant Smashes your plants instead of eating them, throws Imp
Imp 10 (3 in I, Zombie) 5 (2 in I, Zombie) Normal Thrown by a Gargantuar deep into your defenses
Dr. Zomboss

1,583 in Level 5-10, 3,165 in Dr. Zomboss Revenge

- All attacks Instant -
Peashooter Zombie* 10 5 Normal (1 pea when shooting) Shoots peas to plants
Wall-nut Zombie* 65 (55 for Wall-nut) 5 Normal Has a high health
Gatling Pea Zombie* 10 5 Normal (4 peas when shooting) Shoots four peas at a time to plants
Tall-nut Zombie* 120 (110 for Tall-nut) 5 Normal Has a very high health
Squash Zombie* 10 2.5 Instant Squashes the first plant it meets
Jalapeno Zombie* 17 5 Normal (eating), Instant (explosion) Destroys a whole lane of plants when it explodes
Giga-Gargantuar 300 5 Instant Same as Gargantuar, but tougher

*Zombie is a ZomBotany Zombie.